During the psychological competence training, the team members are introduced to the vast world of psychology and philosophy. They learn the basics of ethics and standards of behavior. Typically, such training is “relatively easy” and practically does not affect the personality essence of the participants. The warm and friendly atmosphere at the training winds the participants up to open conversation and group discussion on the topic of the training. As a result, these kinds of trainings help to expand horizons and improve the psychological competence.

Trainings for acquisition of skills (communication, stress resistance, self-confidence, leadership, interaction with other people) is a kind of training for those who have clear vision of what they want. This group can be divided into subgroups:

  1. I & THEY – the interaction with society, collective, strangers. This subgroup includes the following trainings: Basic Training, Business Games.
  1. I & BUSINESS – business interaction with other people for profit, growth of your business, or development of your career: A Successful Person, Am I Entrepreneur?!, The Effectiveness of Human Resource Management, etc.

Trainings for personal growth are focused on the inner development of a person. The fundamental difference between this training and training for acquisition of skills is that it changes the inner essence of a person, expanding person’s horizons (the model of reality, map of the world): Distance, Set Your Life, Transformation, Bodily Awareness, etc. As a rule, the classic psychological methods are aimed at personal development.