• Formation of a mission and development of strategies for its implementation. The output is a clearly defined mission, which is internally accepted and supported by all participants of the training, as well as specific strategic plans for its implementation;
  • Effective decision-making. The output is ready-made solutions of the tasks posed to the participants, and developed decision-making skills of the participants;
  • Optimization of organizational changes: an optimal plan for organizational changes, developed skills of change management of the participants;
  • Formation of leadership skills: leadership qualities and skills among the participants;
  • etc.


  • Marketing Management at a company: participants learn the tactics and strategy of marketing management at a company;
  • The art of sales;
  • Effective feedback from customers;
  • Effective presentation;
  • Dealing with customer complaints;
  • The study of customer needs;
  • Successful exhibition.


  • Methods of effective search for new employees;
  • Induction;
  • Formation of team;
  • Effective communication;
  • Interpersonal interactions;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Confidence.