Under the current conditions of rapid obsolescence of skills, company’s willingness and ability to constantly upgrade the employees’ skills is one of the key factors of its success. The foundation of any company is its employees. Ensuring your personnel earn new expertise, knowledge and skills they use or will use in their professional work, will definitely help you reach the pinnacle of success.

KM Universe is pleased to provide an opportunity to upgrade the professional level of your employees through a multi-level system of training courses. With many years of experience and high-quality teaching skills, we are ready to arrange various kinds of professional trainings.

Classes are conducted by experts in the fields: different level executives, representatives of ministries and branch departments, expert practitioners from pharmaceutical companies.

The training program is constantly changing in response to changes in the needs and demands of the pharmaceutical market and legal framework with its focus expanding. This allows creating the most effective corporate and individual education plan specifically for your employees.


  •  Increased operation speed (response to abnormal situations) of your employees;
  •  Expanding horizons, increased number of options considered while making decisions that influences the optimality of decisions;
  •  Reduced losses from wrong assessment of the situation and wrong actions of employees thanks to the skills, knowledge, and abilities reinforced in the training process;
  •  Prevention of unexpected costs associated with occurrence of undesirable events and situations, limiting the spread of so-called “chains of undesirable developments” (“domino effect”);
  •  Strengthening of corporate consciousness of employees, personal interests of employees getting closer with those of the company;
  •  Increased ability to deliberate coordinated joint action and decision-making;
  •  The exchange of information between employees of different companies that are training together, the “horizontal” spread of best practices and other innovations.


If you need to upgrade the professional and personal development of your employees, we will elaborate a system of education to suit specifically your needs that will include control over the acquisition of knowledge and formation of skills, system of learning outcomes support by encouraging / motivating your employees, and organize the training activities (of different types of professional training) adapted to the needs and peculiarities of your company. We also provide you the opportunity to get a feedback on the training results.