Business environment is getting more highly competitive and to remain successful the companies aspire to build loyal relationships with their customers. It seems the brand loyalty is going to be replaced with a new driving force of marketing – loyalty to customers. Sponsorship is one of the ways to create a positive image of the company, product or service in the public consciousness through the active social position.

World experience shows that sponsorship is today one of the most effective tools of marketing communications. Sponsorship as one of the ways to promote the brand generates interest and attracts the attention of company executives who are really interested in creating a positive image and conditions for their business.


  •  increase of positive news pegs for media;
  •  improve the company’s image in society;
  •  improve relationships with customers, partners, and opinion makers, on which the development of the company business depends;
  •  Hidden advertising/product placement;
  •  short-term increase in sales.

By investing in a particular social or cultural project, the sponsoring company achieves the effect unachievable through conventional commercial advertising that is confidence.

So, sponsorship or sponsoring is a major, well-planned PR-action aimed at improving the image of sponsor, increasing the level of loyalty from potential clients.

Therefore, sponsorship should be regarded as a kind of investment, which, like any investment, counts on return on investment. Organizing and supporting sponsoring as a kind of PR-activity is intended to make the most profit of the investment.

  • market research on the effectiveness of the return on investment in a particular project;
  • preparation of elaborated sponsorship packages to identify the prospects of the project financing;
  • implementation of sponsored events and projects;
  • contribute to safeguarding corporate interests of the sponsor.

KM Universe will help you use sponsoring as a marketing tool to bring tangible benefits to your company and improve its reputation among the target audience.