Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising. Advertising plays a huge role in preserving and strengthening the company’s position in the market. Advertising of company products and operation is a major component of marketing activities mix; it is kind of information out-reach to customers. If done right, advertising is very effective and contributes to the rapid and smooth sales of the advertised product.

Success of any campaign depends largely on how well it is designed and planned. Every stage of the work is essential to the achievement of campaign objectives.

Proper advertising campaign will help marketing service ensure a permanent high level of sales of products and services, rapidly response to changing market conditions, take appropriate measures to neutralize the activities of competitors.

KM Universe successfully specializes in preparation and running of advertising campaigns. We develop and implement integrated campaigns for our clients in any fields of their activity.

Our experts develop an advertising campaign on the following algorithm:

  • developing a strategic plan for an advertising campaign;
  • developing a creative plan for an advertising campaign;
  • testing creative solutions;
  • analysis of information distribution channels;
  • developing media plan for an advertising campaign;
  • addressing strategic objectives of an advertising campaign.

The following activities are a part of advertising campaign:

  •  analysis of a target audience of an advertising offer;
  •  conducting and monitoring of a campaign;
  •  design and creation of unique promotional materials;
  •  evaluation of the effectiveness of taken measures;
  •  guidelines for further market promotion of the company.

Basic principles of advertising we are committed to:

  •  advertising is to create, maintain, and enhance the image of the company and its product;
  •  advertising is to improve the image of the long-established product;
  •  advertising is to get the buyer to purchase products in the period of reduced demand;
  •  advertising is to catch the interest of a buyer from yet unreached segment of the market;
  •  advertising must refute things that could cause prejudice or unpropitious attitude to the product or service, help to ensure that future customer is willing to buy this product.

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