Specific features of marketing and promotion in pharmaceutical industry is that it focuses not only on the end user but also on physicians or pharmacists who recommend drugs. Therefore, the specific thing about promotion of pharmaceuticals is the need to communicate with health care professionals who can recommend the products. Promotion activity of marketing organizations while working with physicians, pharmacists, experts of procurement centers, and end users allows gaining the attention and loyalty of professional audience, and increasing brand awareness among customers.

Our job is to establish close contacts with physicians, public and private medical institutions, health centers, pharmacies. This enables the information sharing among retail pharmacists on the product – its quality, advantages, and main distinctive features making it different from similar products – through individual visits and group presentations; informing pharmacies procurement officers on media support to a particular drug, and agreements to increase the volume of purchases due to the future expected increase in demand.

Promotion via the visits of medical representatives: traditionally the main tool for pharmaceutical companies to promote their products on the market

Series of measures to ensure permanency of the drug on the shelves of pharmacies in the required amount: another type of drug promotion through the relations with medical institutions.

Penetration of drugs is the most in-demand on the eve of a large-scale advertising campaign of the drug.

Another method of promotion in health facilities is the logistics and placement of advertising materials in pharmacies.

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