Strong competition forces companies to search for and develop various alternative ways of promotion. Promotion means systematic efforts to create a successful, positive image through positive information transmission. It is well-thought and planned, long-term (ideally if permanent) activity that aims at promoting dialogue and mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and the groups on which its success depends.

Creating a positive image of product is among the top priorities of KM Universe team, as a positive image is an important driver of success in all areas. It is achieved through the implementation of measures aimed at disseminating information, which points the product out from other rival products and creates a positive perception of it among consumers.

To win the market, companies need to organize smart systematic work with medical institutions, physicians, pharmacists and experts of procurement centers (visits by medical representatives, organization of conferences and seminars, mailings, promotions) and with the end user (advertising campaigns which, when properly presented, contribute to the increase of sales).

Thus in the competition for customer’s favour different methods of promotion are used: advertising, marketing, information dissemination, public awareness campaigns, sponsorship and grants, various BTL activity, direct mail, POS materials, merchandising, product placement, SMS informing, advertising via Internet resources and social networks, etc. KM Universe offers all sorts of promotion. We will help to generate and stimulate interest in your product and to establish effective communication relationships.

Our ongoing focus is to develop and improve your business through giving theoretical advice and implementing practical projects involving both standard and innovative advertising tools. The main objective that we set ourselves today is to stimulate the growth in product sales and to promote your brand among consumers.