While getting ahead all of us are often looking for boost from those who have already passed this way. Sometimes, to achieve the stated goals some professional support turns out to be indispensable. An important sphere of ​​ business operation is consulting, a special kind of service with unlimited field of application.

In a modern business consulting means not so much advisory work as the whole package of serious intellectual services. Involving consultants to address the many marketing challenges may appear an effective tool if used properly.

We provide services in the field of marketing consulting aiming at complete implementation of the client’s initiative in respect of organization, development and strengthening of business. Our consultants are ready to analyze your business, identify problems, assist in the formulation of marketing objectives, identify and marshal marketing resources to achieve the objectives of your company.

Studies and forecasts, advice on market strategy, marketing and pricing characteristics, as well as addressing other tasks of marketing nature will help you significantly reduce the time and resources required to achieve the desired result, and to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of your business solutions.


  •  audit of a company marketing system;
  •  identification of marketing problems and elaboration of measures to address them;
  •  arranging the process for collection and use of marketing information;
  •  market research and segmentation;
  •  search for target groups of consumers;
  •  developing a long-term marketing strategies;
  •  developing and building a marketing management system;
  •  building operational marketing of business;
  •  identifying the commercial potential of the product;
  •  develop promotion strategy;
  •  comprehensive promotion;
  •  implementation of specific marketing and promotional events.

If you do not find the necessary consulting services in this list, please feel free to contact us and order the advice exactly needed for marketing operations of your company.


  • identified strengths and weaknesses of marketing strategies, identified potential opportunities and risks;
  • identified competitive advantages and key success factors of the company;
  • measured progress and evaluated effectiveness in various areas;
  • strengthening the company’s position in the market;
  • improved customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • improved quality, innovation and competitiveness of services;
  • explicit tasks of marketing and market objectives for your company, well-run internal flow of marketing information;
  • strengthened position of your brand in the market;
  • increased sales resulting in a significant increase in profits of your company.

All these results are the priorities of every business.
We just help you to put them into practice hoping for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!