It is difficult to imagine successful business based on a tactical and strategic planning without the constant monitoring of the situation on the pharmaceutical market. The major component of the monitoring is marketing research consisting in systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of the data.


  •  want to increase your market share?
  •  want to bring your products to new markets?
  •  want to maximize profit?
  •  want to bring a new product to market?
  •  it is important for you to find out the reasons for the decline in sales?
  •  you need to evaluate the most attractive markets?
  •  want to know your direct or indirect competitors?

Then, what you need is a marketing research. KM Universe is glad to help you with this. We offer marketing research which will give you a clear understanding of the prospects for the introduction of your business ideas into life. How promising is the implementation of the planned project “here and now”? What market uptake can your product expect in the region? What age or social groups have been long waited for implementation of your ideas and are ready to become your thankful clients? Which competitors will you have to compete with for success and what competitive advantage of your product will be the key in this competition?


  •  a full analysis of the market and its trends;
  •  analysis of the competitive environment;
  •  analysis of supply and demand;
  •  identification of the target audience of your product or service.

Moreover, the market research helps to clearly define the position of your product, its strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantage, the optimality of the selected segment of promotion.

Eventually, the expert analysts develop the most appropriate strategy for marketing, promotion, positioning, pricing and advertising specifically for your product.

Cooperation with our company involves constant interaction with a partner both at the stage of planning the study and in the process of data collection and processing. This approach allows us to solve a variety of marketing objectives at the highest level.

We offer our clients services in market research in various fields. At the same time, we understand that there is no universal solution for any problem.

We develop research projects to meet the specific requirements of each customer and the specifics of its marketing request.

We provide our clients with marketing information that allows making well-argued and realistic decisions.

We guarantee an individual approach to solving problems and complete confidentiality. The years of experience, qualified personnel and modern methods of collecting information will ensure that you get high quality results.