Any product has a “face” that determines its market success. A unique kind of image that is formed in the minds of consumers is meant here. It emerges as a result of combination of many components that are perceived by consumers as a whole: the name, packaging, price, advertising style, inherent nature of product, associations and reputation…

Brand development is one of the most important steps in creating own audience for the future product. It is therefore important to approach the process of brand creation very seriously and professionally.

To help a consumer understand that exactly your brand is favorite and trustworthy, KM Universe offers you services for brand creation and promotion. This is a holistic package of promotional measures aimed at ensuring that the message and benefits of your product is delivered to consumers.

Our team has a good command of modern branding technologies, and most importantly, we apply individual and creative approach to each task. We offer you different options and ideas and will find the option that will fully meet your needs.


  •  Naming: elaboration of a trade mark name that will guarantee it is unique, easy to remember and evoke positive association for a customer;
  •  Creation of logo and corporate identity: designing optimal visualization for TM, which in combination with the name will ensure the best recognition;
  •  Generating an advertising slogan containing the product name and the concept that must be delivered to a customer;
  •  Determining product positioning: search and selection of the optimal solution that will allow to deliver major advantages of the product to customers and demonstrate the benefits offered by the choice of this particular brand;
  •  Rebranding and restyling: comprehensive measures to change attitudes to the brand in the customer’s mind for the better by changing the identifying elements of TM and changing basic positioning.

We are very happy to get down to the job and do it at top level. Our professionals know their trade, they work efficiently and accurately, and perform their task in due time.

Extensive tasks incite us to ambitious goals. Our team is committed to immutable principle: create successful brands, brands with a unique message, special, able to “hook” the customer, one of a kind among those existing on the market.

The brand can do a lot, the only thing that the brand cannot do by itself is to create itself.
KM Universe will help you make your brand unique and successful.