The landscape of pharmaceutical market is constantly changing: modern drugs, new diagnostic methods, revolutionary therapeutic approaches are emerging on the market. Pharmaceutical products market is growing exponentially, increasing the strong enough competition. In addition, the domestic pharmaceutical market is affected by unstable financial situation, the economic crisis consequences, reduced living standards for people and other disturbing development factors.

New circumstances require relevant adjustments: expectations from advertising investment grow; marketing budgets get reduced, the need to involve all market participants in the promotion process arises.

Amended structure and scope of the modern pharmaceutical market and the current economic conditions require a quick response from the marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies and, consequently, it triggers the creation of new methods for drugs promotion, and a new perception of classic marketing approaches to promotion.

A simple and affordable solution to urgent problems of the time of crisis is the use of a marketing tool called a co-promotion of different medicines produced by non-competing companies during the first visit to a doctor.

KM Universe provides co-promotion of medicines and dietary supplements of urological, gynecological, and reproductive groups of drugs.


  •  reduced marketing costs;
  •  budget savings related to maintenance of external services;
  •  reduced costs related to promotion and advertising campaigns;
  •  reduced financial risks;
  •  increased sales and stabilization of incomes.

KM Universe comes to its obligations in the sphere of co-promotion in responsible and faithful manner.

  • We are working to ensure our medical representatives meet the highest requirements and corporate policies of partner companies;
  • We select and train qualified and responsible staff, monitor its performance: forms, methods, and time of providing information to doctors;
  • The behavior of our employees is governed by express internal requirements, focus on the values and mission of our company;
  • We have certain requirements to publication of information materials;
  • We are very scrupulous and responsible about creation of promotional products, we are sure to specify the degree of proof of efficacy and safety of a particular medicine; we provide references to all information sources.

If you are interested in co-promotion and you intend to cooperate with us in this area, please contact us using the contacts provided.