Advertisement is so embedded in our daily life that sometimes we do not even notice it. It can be annoying, motivating, enthralling, amusing … It is everywhere, at every turn. This is because advertising is an effective tool for promoting products and services. The main thing is that your advertising campaign must stand out in the ​​information realm.

Modern advertising and promotional tools are so diverse that even experienced advertisers get lost in the jungle of advertising and information flows. That is why wise owners and executives trust the development of advertising campaigns to experienced professionals who are able to:

  •  identify the needs of potential customers;
  •  carry out branding, i.e. increase company or product brand awareness;
  •  increase customers loyalty and establish interaction with them;
  •  increase sales and reduce costs related to customer canvassing.

KM Universe invites you to consider the possibility of cooperation in the field of advertising. If you want more people to know about your product, entrust it to us. We find bright unusual ideas that are easily embodied in various advertising media and operate on different channels of perception.


  •  developing advertising ideas and elaborating common strategy of advertising;
  •  placing ads in the official advertising and information publications;
  •  promotion of advertising to make it remain outstanding and interesting to potential buyers;
  •  additional advertising designs for exhibition stands;
  •  dissemination and distribution of advertising materials.

We are open tonew contacts, business cooperationand partnership.Cooperating with us,you can be sureabout thehigh level of serviceand timelyexecution of orders. Looking forward to cooperation proposals.