One of the prime focuses of KM Universe business is outsourcing services. With considerable experience in outsourcing projects and extensive external service of medical representatives we will satisfy your needs for outsourcing services at any stage of your business development.

In our operation we keep up to the high level of compliance with client’s corporate policy. Ethical promotion for us is not just a token of good taste; it is rather a necessity, actual component of our company policy. The commitment to cooperation, fulfillment of contractual obligations, and, most importantly, achievement of set goals will find expression not in our words or promises, but in our willingness to take responsibility for the financial result of the project. We are willing to share the financial risks with our partners or even to take them over.

We always understand our partners and try to satisfy their needs to the full as we have ample knowledge of both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical market.

We managed to gather in our external service the high-level professionals with extensive experience, who will also become a member of your team. We understand that psychological compatibility is as important as the candidate’s professionalism.

We work quickly and smoothly. For this, we use our own solid base of professional contacts with successful key managers in various sectors able to complete our customers’ tasks in the shortest time.

We are a value for your business in terms of speed performance as we know that time means money; in terms of quantity as we are ready to take up projects of any scale; and in terms of cost as we reduce personnel expenses in your budget.

Dealing with us you can also order the service of outstaffing, the procedure of personnel management, which provides for a form of contracting out a certain number of employees to a customer’s disposal.

With us you get a finished product: a professional team of medical representatives whose goal is promoting your products through visits to doctors.

This is a convenient and efficient service first of all because you get a chance to receive external high-quality and reliable service (a provider company guarantees the quality of service), to introduce advanced technologies, use positive experiences from the outside, improve manageability (a provider company usually uses modern principles and form of management). Besides, another positive aspect of outstaffing is optimized costs as compared with maintenance of own external service of medical representatives for pharmaceutical companies.

While implementing our outsourcing projects we go beyond just personnel outsourcing. KM Universe has experience in providing a full cycle of effective business processes for a separate brand, a group of drugs, or the entire product range of a customer:

  • study and analysis of the pharmaceutical market;
  • creating the product portfolio potential for the domestic market;
  • estimation of the product potential;
  • registration and re-registration of products;
  • full support and advice in dealing with regulatory authorities;
  • strategic and operational marketing (development of promotion strategy, formation of a marketing budget, formulation and implementation of sales plan, launching and strengthening market positions of new products, etc.);
  • comprehensive promotion of pharmaceutical products.